Reading & Writing About Reading


Dear Readers,

It’s hard writing a blog. I have a blog but I haven’t written anything on it for a while. It’s a blog about my life as a mom, wife, dog owner, friend, stuff I’ve learned…but I haven’t written anything about books. That’s kinda tough for me.

I have had a reading comprehension issue since I was a child. None of my classmates knew I had a problem because I was great at reading aloud. I was always first to volunteer. I could read fast and use accents, and make anything I read seem exceedingly interesting. I love reading for the children at Storytimes. 

Remember the speed reading tests we took in the second grade? I had no trouble reading down the lines on the screen. I just didn’t know what I’d read. My teachers could have caught this problem and written it on my report card but I’m not sure of it. In any case, nothing was done.

As a result, I’m an underliner. (Is that a word?) The problem with underlining is you never really know if you’re marking the right information, what the teacher wants you to learn from the text. I also write in the margins. So, I basically deface every book I read. My father-in-law borrowed a book from me. He returned it the next day.

I can’t read this book. You’ve written all over it, he said.

I guess I should have warned him. I don’t loan my books to people anymore.

So I hope to figure out how to write about books. It’ll be a slow process…a continuing slow process. I appreciate your patience in advance.

Some of you, many of you may be asking yourself,

Why on earth did she buy a bookstore if she doesn’t read as much? Is she nuts?

Well, yeah, I guess you could say that. But in the grand bowl of nuts I’m rather normal. And I do love books. More importantly, I love people. But that story is for another day.

Until then,

The Quail Queen


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