Welcome to QRB!

Dear Readers,

My name is Lisa Poole and I’m the owner of Quail Ridge Books.

I bought it from Jim and Nancy Olson, who opened their tiny bookshop at Quail Corners Shopping Center over thirty years ago. I’ve heard the walls and floor were stacked with as many books as possible, and there Nancy met and nurtured relationships with Raleighites, as well as new and established authors.

After several years Nancy needed to stretch so they packed up and moved the bookshop to Ridgewood Shopping Center. They renamed it Quail Ridge Books and Music and it flourished there for many many years. The store was known for it’s impressive array of local and southern publications, classics, poetry, and fine literary works.

*“And there was music….” Yes, they attracted lots of music enthusiasts with classical and folk, tapes and Cds. The music section was kept up-to-date and gladly took orders when necessary.

Certainly, let’s not forget Wonderland, the magical children’s book section, tucked deep in the left corner of the store with it’s bright yellow walls, where illustrator’s characters hung in frames for all to see.

Through the years Nancy became an iconic figure in the book world. Through her advocacy she was able to get author’s books published and into the hands of readers. And in return, authors travelled from all around to share their stories with Nancy’s loyal customers.

I’ve heard she would ask customers what they were reading and if she didn’t like the answer she would tell them so. Then she’d take a book off a shelf and put it in their hands. This is better, she might say. She was plucky like that.

There are lots of Nancy Olson stories; just ask any longtime customer or a member of our top-notch staff. And when you’re in the new Quail Ridge Bookstore at North Hills, you’ll find a table with just some of Nancy’s favorite books displayed. Above it is a portrait of Nancy with a sparkle in her eye and a knowing smile.

My name is Lisa Poole and I’m the owner of Quail Ridge Books.

But that story is for another day.

Until then,


Lisa Poole


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